Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year, New Template Design, Photos Gone!

Happy New Year 2014. Sigh, it's the first day of school for C. After sending her to school, I was glad I could have my mornings to myself again after 6-7 weeks of school holidays. I hadn't blogged since November 13 and I thought since it's the new year, I'd change the template design of this blog. Little did I know that by changing it, all the photos in this blog from 2009 onwards are gone. And I didn't backup the old template! Stupid me :(

A check with Blogger Help indicates that I might have inadvertently deleted them via Google+ while I was deleting some albums in my android phone (which definitely is linked to Google....). I'm not that tech savvy and didn't realise that those photos in the blog album were not merely duplicates...but I'm still puzzled why Google does not provide any warning on such intended actions to the user when choosing to delete......big, big, big sigh. I shouldn't have used Google+ simply because someone asked me to for work reasons, for ease of sharing files. Five years' worth of photos in this blog are gone....what a way to start the new year in this blog, which I have renamed, incidentally.

Pictures and photos are so important in illustrating words and feelings. How now, brown cow?

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