Monday, February 18, 2013

Gong Xi Fa Cai, Xin Nian Kwai Le

ACE wishes one and all a Happy Chinese New Year!!

School was out for an entire week. ACE stuck to the 'standard practice' which most Chinese families also practice during this festival i.e. return to the husband's side of the family for the new year eve reunion dinner as well as celebrate the first day together. Then on the second day, we would return to the wife's side i.e. my side of the family to celebrate the festival. We returned home to KL on the third day as we had to attend a few other gatherings among friends, colleagues and extended family. C even had a birthday party to attend on Valentine's Day.

Thankfully for us, both sides of the family are within 45 minutes' drive away so we didn't have to suffer too much of the 'balik kampung' exodus traffic snarl on the highways. During such times, a normal two-hour drive could stretch up to four or five hours or more. So for some families with 'kampungs' too far away, they might have different arrangements such as visiting either side of the family on alternate years. Travel plans have to be made way ahead, especially if bus, train or airplane tickets need to be purchased and hotels need to be booked.

Like any other celebration, we ate lots of special festive fare and delicacies, many of which carry symbolic meaning. If you're  watching your weight or diet, it's hard to resist all the goodies. The 'spare tyre' that I have is now over-inflated and my slightly-elevated cholesterol level has probably become 'inceasingly' elevated!

Today we suffered the Monday blues as we're back to work and school. After one week of waking up later than our usual 6.00am, I've been plodding through the day in a rather lost and dazed manner, testimony to the idea that too much of a good thing, in this case the holiday and abundant rich food, is simply not good....

Even writing this post is requiring more effort than usual. It feels like my brains are not 'moving'....I guess this is all for now before this post sounds more monotonous than it already is...

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