Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Children's theatre, adult's movie

On Sunday afternoon, C went with two of her cousins, uncle and aunt, to watch a children's play called 'Kleting Kuning and the Giant Crab'. It was held at PJ Live Arts at Jaya One. She enjoyed herself . I was told there was some audience participation and she volunteered and got chosen to be the 'scroll bearer' and ended up getting all wrapped up in the scroll it seems. I guess the theatre people tried to make things fun and funny for the kids to enjoy. From the PJ Live Arts website, the synopsis for the play says this:

Kleting Kuning is often bullied by her sisters, who jealously compete for the hand of a mysterious stranger. A fierce giant crab threatens to destroy their dreams but the quick-thinking (and quick-moving) Kleting Kuning with her MMA (Martial & Magic Arts) skills has some surprises for him! Find out if her dreams come true in this interactive stage adaptation of a classic Javanese folk tale!
Box of Delights Theatre for Children strives to entertain, educate and inspire young audiences by drawing from legends, literature, and historical lore of different cultures from around the world. Directed by Marina Tan, each show offers interactive, energetic, playful performances featuring wholesome, inspiring, sometimes thought-provoking and often wildly entertaining dialogue and song.
Box of Delights: KLETING KUNING & THE GIANT CRAB is performed in English and runs for approximately 45 minutes.

While C was at the play, E and I killed time while waiting by catching 'Life of Pi' at a cinema nearby. The movie was good but like most screen adaptations of novels, there was some artistic licence used. Some scenes which were not in the original novel were included, and usually it's some romantic scenario, which in this movie it was. We felt it was not quite necessary as it didn't impact the entire movie that much.

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