Friday, November 2, 2012

A day in the life of Me

Today, like every weekday, I woke up at 6:00am, and the following is a list of my activities:

Made and packed breakfast for E and C to eat in the car on the way to school.

After waving goodbye to them, I washed the floor of the car porch and watered the plants. Changed the water in the big jar for the water lily.

Then I combed Rusty's fur and tried my best to untangle some parts while he tried to run away from me after awhile.

Had my breakfast while reading the day's news online, checked e-mail and Facebook. Paid some bills online too.

Handwashed some clothes which couldn't be washed in the machine.

E returned from school as he had used my car. His car was left at the workshop yesterday. So we went to the workshop for him to collect his car and he went to work from there while I drove myself home.

When I got home, the autogate did not shut properly somehow. Rusty ran out. I had to go looking for him under the hot morning sun. After walking around for about 10 minutes in the neighbourhood, I found him. He didn't want to come to me and kept running away. I had to chase him and finally caught and brought him home on a leash.

I was hot and bothered so I sat down for a drink and continued poking my nose around Facebook.

Had an early lunch in order to fetch C as she dismissed earlier than usual today due to Speech Day rehearsal.

Got home, took foodstuff out of fridge to thaw and prepare for dinner. Told C to take a shower. She decide to read while sitting on the throne instead. Nagged at her to stop reading and start showering. She continued reading. Reminded her to shower. She continued reading. Yelled at her to shower. She finally did.

Cleaned the living, dining and dry kitchen floor.

Ironed some clothes.

Had a cup of coffee and watched some YouTube videos while it rained heavily outside.

Fed Rusty.

Started stir frying vegetables when the doorbell rang. Attended to the technician who came to fix our faulty water heater. Turns out it is not faulty. It is the electrical plug point that is faulty. Called electrician who can come only next Monday.

Continued cooking the half-cooked vegetables and other dishes for dinner.

Rested for an hour upstairs while C was having her tuition downstairs.

Ate dinner. Nagged at C to eat faster and not read while eating. She continued to eat slowly. Told her to stop reading, she continued reading. E returned from work and had dinner. Cleared the dining table after dinner was over.

Called C's drum teacher to discuss replacement classes and future arrangements due to certain changes.

Made a mental note to call the boarding facility to reserve a place for Rusty when we go on holiday soon. Need to get a dental appointment for C too.

Told C to stop reading again and start her homework.

Blogging here as C is doing her homework. Got irritated because C was not focused on her homework. She did not check her work and continued reading her book. She did not make the corrections carefully because she was preoccupied with her reading. (Reading is a good habit only if you know when to put the book down to do other important stuff!)

C is done with homework and has gone to get ready for bed.

I'm done with this blog post and wonder what I should do next.....

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