Monday, October 15, 2012

World Girls' Ice Hockey Weekend

Last weekend, Malaysia participated in the World Girls' Ice Hockey Weekend event which took place simultaneously in various countries worldwide. Take a look here to see where it was held. Thanks to a good friend of mine who told me about the event (she brought her daughter too), we took C to the Sunway Pyramid ice skating rink to get her first experience skating and 'playing' ice hockey. The event was open to girls age 17 and below.

Registration and waiting in line to get the right-sized t-shirt, skates, helmet, shin guards and hockey stick plus putting them on took about an hour as the turnout was quite good. Upon entering the rink, the coaches lined the girls up and helped them practise moving from one end of the rink to the other. After learning the basic moves and getting used to falling and keeping their balance on the ice, they moved on to holding the hockey sticks while skating and going through simple obstacles. As most of the girls were inexperienced, they did not play a real ice hockey game. After two hours, they took a group photograph and called it a day.

C quite enjoyed it and said she would like to go ice skating again.

C (in blue jeans) waiting for her turn to skate
Group photo of all the participants (picture borrowed from here which has more pictures)
Click on the picture to see if you can spot C who had removed her helmet.
The event did create some awareness about this sport in Malaysia, and especially for me, I didn't know before this that we have a female ice hockey team :)

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