Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Caitlin's homemade cookies

Caitlin got interested in making some cookies from a children's baking book I bought recently. So after lunch on Sunday, she took the book out and thawed the butter while I gathered the required ingredients in the kitchen. I told her she'd have to do everything herself from measuring to making the cookies. They are actually what I know as 'rock buns'. I also said she had to wash up after cooking, and only when she needed help should she call on me.

It went fine until she realised she didn't plan well enough. She was impatient and didn't follow the book's instruction to "collect the ingredients together, then turn the page to receive instructions for moon rock contruction". After measuring the flour and butter she started rubbing them together and getting both hands all messy. She had yet to measure and set aside the other ingredients, so she asked for help....she learned her lesson for not following the book's instructions and listening to my advice to plan for everything she needed.

After that little snag, she went on to make the cookies. They turned out fine and edible, although a little dry for my liking. She was proud of her first attempt at baking cookies all by herself. She is planning to try other recipes and bake more soon to include them into the party packs she wants to give her classmates when she celebrates her birthday at school next week. We'll see how that works out soon....

The novice baker at work.

The book calls this 'moon rocks'. The exposed raisins got burnt and tasted a little bitter :)

This is 'meteor shower'. The same recipe, raisins substituted with colourful sugar strands.

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