Friday, July 20, 2012

Bieber fever

Caitlin's interest in Justin Bieber (JB) has waned a little compared to the earlier days of 'Baby, Baby' and other songs in his earlier album (or albums?) as JB has been overtaken by boy-band One Direction (OD) recently. She will belt out OD's 'What Makes You Beautiful' and 'One Thing' in the car when it comes on the radio, and even in the shower....

However, when MTV held their MTV World Stage 2012 concert here in KL on July 14 with JB as the opening act, the 'Belieber' (his latest album is 'Believe' and popular hit is 'Boyfriend' -- that's as much as I know), she said she wanted to go to the concert. She was lucky as E managed to get passes (no tickets sold) as his company was one of the sponsors.

The concert was a standing-room only type at the Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach.
We got there on time and the place was super-crowded. The weather was good but being Malaysia, it was terribly humid, and out in the open, with thousands of bodies inches away from each other, you can imagine how much heat and sweat were produced. E had to piggyback C on his shoulders most of the time for her to see the stage or large screen on either side.

The crowd, as expected in popular concerts, were hyper with their cheers and screams, and there were many carrying posters bearing crazy-fan messages like "I love you Justin", "Will you marry me, Justin?" etc etc. Being among the crowd made me feel old .....and I had to resist rolling my eyes (at least my hairs didn't stand!) with all the young girls screaming everytime JB said something cool like "swag" or flipped his hair.....

JB sang for quite some time, then the other performers, K-pop girl group Kara, Korean singer Jay Park and our own Mizz Nina, took over.  After two hours watching JB and Kara, C said she had enough so we left the concert and headed over to the mall for dinner. C was happy :)

And this is what I meant about all the crazy screaming fans....found this (there's many more) on YouTube.

And this is the 10-year-old crazy fan:

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