Monday, June 11, 2012

London - The Summer Musical

This musical is currently showing at the Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre until 8 July and the good news is if you have a Maybank credit/debit card, you get 50% off all tickets which are priced at RM80, RM100 and RM150, with additional RM3 admin fee per ticket. You can purchase the tickets online via a ticketing website but if you want the discount using your Maybank card, you can only get it at the ticketing booth at Sunway Lagoon theme park.

ACE enjoyed the show. It was C's first experience watching a live musical. We got the tickets earlier in the afternoon from the theme park ticketing booth and proceeded to Sunway Pyramid mall for dinner before the show at 8pm. Entry to the amphitheatre is via the Surf Park entrance. We had to walk a bit and take a few escalators downwards before arriving at the point where they ferry you to the amphitheatre on a tram. The tram ride was also fun for C. It was our first time entering the theme park. The amphitheatre is open-air with high roofs and gigantic fans to circulate the air. Luckily, that evening was not too humid and there was a slight breeze blowing.

The storyline is simple. Three air stewardesses from New York are on a 48-hour stopover in London and they had plans to paint the town red. In the process, they found friendship, rekindled love and reignited their passion for singing. There's enough song and dance to keep you entertained throughout the entire two-hour performance, with a 15-minute interval in between.

According to this review, six of the main actors are from London's West End. The set and lighting are well done for a relatively small stage in my opinion. And the choice of songs quite good, ranging from old and new songs including those of Bruno Mars, One Direction, Lion King, Abba and James Bond 007.

Non-flash photography is allowed but flash photography and videotaping are prohibited.

You are also not allowed to bring outside food and drinks. They check your bags before taking your tickets and we had to finish up a bottle of juice I had in my handbag before being allowed to enter. Luckily C was allowed to bring in her own water bottle. There is a concession stand at the entrance selling some snacks and drinks. There are also sellers carrying trays with food and drinks walking around in the theatre but mind you, one canned drink cost E RM5 (normal price from a shop is RM2) and a small cup of sweet corn for C was RM6 (normal price RM3)! I don't mind paying a little more but double or ridiculously-beyond-reasonable is just too much. I just don't get it with these places and the companies that bring in international entertainment. This always happens, overcharging on food and drinks....and souvenirs too at times.

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