Monday, June 11, 2012

KL Tower (Menara Kuala Lumpur)

It was a very cloudy day in KL on 7 June 2012

The KL Tower is in actual fact a telecommunication tower. It is the sixth tallest telco tower in the world at a height of 421m. Located at the Bukit Nanas forest reserve in the heart of KL city, it is a tourist attraction since it was built in 1996. I had been there once before, more than 10 years ago with a few friends. Back then, all we could do was visit the tower, go up to the viewing platform and dine at the revolving restaurant.

When E and I brought C there a few days ago, the KL Tower has improved in terms of things to see and do for visitors. You can take a nature walk at the forest reserve, view animals at the Animal Zone, ride a pony, and drive a Formula 1 car at the F1 Simulator. For Malaysians with myKad (identity card), we pay RM30 for a ticket which allows you entry to the viewing deck at 276m, and a choice of either the Animal Zone, pony ride or F1 Simulator. C wanted to check out the 6-minute fun motion ride at the small XD theatre so we took the Tower + XD Theatre package which cost RM35 for adults and RM25 for kids below 12.

At the foot of the tower, there is a Malaysian Cultural Village display of kampung houses of the various states in Malaysia. When we were there, there was also an exhibition for the state of Perlis -- traditional music, local products, etc.

After the XD Theatre, we took the lift up to the viewing deck. It is a 51-second ride up to the 276m level, and if your ears are sensitive, you might feel the pressure building inside as you ascend. At the viewing deck, you are given a carry-on device which gives audio-video commentary on the various points of interest you may spot on the ground below. There are also large binoculars on platforms for you to get a larger and close-up view of certain areas and buildings around KL if you wish.

The new choking the old

St John's Institution (1904) and  St John's Cathedral (1883)

The Gombak river

The Dayabumi building and the National Mosque

Above the viewing deck, there is a revolving restaurant and another deck above it is a banquet hall where you can hold events like parties and weddings. Down at ground level, there are souvenir shops and a few small eateries.

After our 360 degree view of KL city and surrounding areas and taking some pictures, we returned the AV device, took the lift down and went for lunch. We did not eat at the revolving restaurant or any of the eateries there as we didn't think the food there would be good or worth the price. As locals, we know where to get more authentic local food that we like, so we went to Yut Kee at nearby Jalan Dang Wangi for some Hainanese kopitiam fare of pork chops and fish and chips! Hainanese Western food -- that's another (hi)story!

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