Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mother's Day

This is a belated post about Mother's Day which fell on May 13th this year. That day began like any other day for me. I made breakfast, woke C up and as usual I had to rush her to get ready quickly so that we would not be late for church. Her Sunday School class was to give a small performance of two songs dedicated to mothers. After they sang the songs, they went around distributing self-decorated framed mirrors, with a poem attached, to all the women in church -- mothers, grandmothers, mothers-to-be, godmothers, aunts, etc. The pastor gave a sermon titled 'Celebrating Mothers' based on the story of how two women played important roles in Moses' early life -- his birth mother and his adoptive mother.

After church, we came home to rest for the afternoon before heading out for a birthday-cum-Mother's Day dinner with E's family. Nephew J was celebrating his fourth birthday and dinner was at this very porky place called Hoofed in Taman Tun. We had their roast duck salad, roast suckling pig, a roast pork belly-ribs-shoulder combo, pasta, fried rice, and deep fried calamari and onion rings.

Here's wishing all mothers a very belated Happy Mother's Day (better late than never, right?). Everyday can be Mother's Day in fact!

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