Thursday, April 19, 2012

Water woes

On Sunday evening, we discovered that our housing estate's water supply was disrupted. Upon further checking in the water concessionaire's website and Facebook page, we learned that a transformer in the water treatment plant that services our area (and many others in KL) had been out of commission. We have been without water supply since then. Today is the fourth day!

What is most irritating is the lack of proper public announcement and up-to-date information in the maintream media to keep those affected in the know. It is taking a long time to rectify as it seems that the spare parts are not available. I just can't believe that in this day and age, this so-called developing country's capital city is stricken in such a way. We might as well be living in a third world country.

Luckily, our house has a reserve tank that provides water to our bathrooms. We still have some water in the tank and are using it sparingly to flush our toilets, wash up and take quick showers. Laundry has been piling up. Water for the taps in the kitchen come from the mains so washing things in the kitchen are a hassle. I've not cooked very much the past few days and I've been using water from a bucket to rinse stuff in the kitchen when needed. We've been eating dinner out of paper plates and disposable containers and cutlery to avoid washing too many dishes. And we have to buy bottled drinking water from the supermarket.

Two days ago, water trucks have been sent to us to provide us with some water. We have to get all our buckets ready and wait outside our gates. When the truck stops at our spot, everyone queues up and takes turns to fill up their buckets, basins, containers, etc.

Some of my buckets and basins

C (red tshirt) filling up a bucket

The water truck - although it says 'air bersih' (clean water), the water is slightly yellowish

Last night, the water truck came again and I managed to fill up a few buckets which I had used up during the day. And water supply was then restored in our taps. There was a buzz of  happy comments in our Residents' Facebook page. It started with a small trickle from the taps and then it reached almost-normal flow although pressure was rather low. Then it fizzled out to a trickle again. I suspected that the supply was only temporary and true enough, this morning, our taps are dry again. No one knows when the problem will be totally fixed. The water concessionaire's Facebook page is filled with comments, some very strongly-worded with curse words too.

I really hope water supply will resume very, very soon. And someone has to answer and take responsibility for this fiasco!

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