Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fast vs. slow

It's human nature that when we are interested in something we will work on it quickly, with focus and eagerness. When it's something we loathe and dread, we'll tarry and procrastinate. Likewise with C, when she's interested in or excited about something, when something is her own idea, she'll complete it very quickly. When it's something she doesn't like, or something that requires effort, she'll procrastinate and leave it till the very last minute, or she'll drag herself through it and take a really long time to complete it.

This morning, she wanted to leave a note for E while he was still asleep. She grabbed a sheet of paper and started writing and drawing. Within one minute, this is what she came up with.

I just wish when it comes to eating, taking a shower, getting ready for bed/school, doing her homework, studying or practising her piano/drums, she could do it with such ease and haste....

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