Saturday, April 7, 2012

Blogging in an apartment vs. blogging in a house

For days, I've been telling myself it's time again to update this blog but other things keep getting in the way. I remember when I started this blog in 2007, C was still in kindergarten. .

Back then, the eagerness to blog was stronger and I could write up to three posts a day on various subjects. I seemed to have more time to blog then. We lived in a small apartment, so everything was within a few footsteps' reach. Now we live in a three-storey house and everything requires more footsteps, and steps on the staircase! The apartment had less floor area to clean. The house has double the floor area.

In the apartment, I didn't have to spend time hanging out the laundry as there was hardly any space to do so. I just dumped everything into the dryer and didn't have to worry when it rained. Now, I spend time hanging out the laundry, watching the sky in case it threatens to rain, moving the clothes in when I go out, and taking down the laundry once they are dry.

In the apartment we couldn't have pets. Now, we have a dog. I spend time feeding and combing his fur, washing the porch where he pees on my car tyres and flower pots (that 'boy' just can't resist anything that's upright! and training him requires more time and patience!). Every few months I spend up to two hours trimming his fur. Luckily, I don't have to walk him as E does that at night, unless E is not at home. Once a week, either E or I will have to give him a bath.

In the apartment, we didn't have plants. Now, we have a small grass patch with plants that need watering, fertilising, trimming and weeding.

Although C's hours at kindy were shorter compared to now in primary school, she took naps in the afternoons at times and didn't have homework. Now, although school hours are longer and I have more time alone in the mornings, the mornings are filled with relatively more chores around the house (as stated above) and C does not take naps in the afternoons. Instead, she has homework that I supervise while preparing dinner, and music lessons that I need to chauffeur her to and from.

In the early days of this blog, most of my writing 'work' was for fun, exploration and the blog. Now, my writing is more for some pocket money so this blog (and the others) take a backseat. That's why instead of three posts a day, I'd be lucky if I can write three posts a month.

When your living conditions and environment changes, it certainly affects many aspects of your life, blogging included!

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