Wednesday, March 14, 2012

School break this week

Local schools here are having their one-week break this week. Since it's only for one week, I didn't manage to plan anything interesting to keep C occupied. She still has her extra activities i.e. piano and drum lessons and on Monday, she attended a workshop at school. In between, she's done some homework from school, practised her music, read and watched TV.

Recently, she started writing a 'novel' of her own based on one of her current favourite book series. She has consistently been writing everyday since last week, and sometimes for quite a few hours straight, in a notepad. She usually has rather messy handwriting and the level of 'messiness' correlates with how much interest she has in what she is doing. When it's a subject that she dislikes, her handwriting is usually very large, scrawly and all over the place, as what the Malay idiom refers to as 'cakar ayam' (chicken scratchings). In this 'book' she's writing, her handwriting is small and very neat, with the titles for each chapter written in a stylised format using coloured ink.  She's even formatted the story with a cast list of the characters, complete with names and descriptions, prologue, and she's now at Chapter Five. And of course, no one is allowed to read what she has written so far!

Best-selling author in the making, in her favourite sitting position!

It would be great if she could channel such similar focus and interest to some other work that she is required to pay more attention to! But I guess that's asking a bit too much. It is just our nature to prefer doing something we like and enjoy and give more attention to it compared to something we don't like.

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