Friday, March 23, 2012

Karaoke weekend

This week has just gone by so quickly and it's Saturday again tomorrow! Last weekend felt like it was just yesterday. Last Saturday, ACE made a spontaneous decision to go to a karaoke for a few hours of fun. E was the person in charge of keying in the song selection while C was the main entertainer. We had a microphone each and sang the songs we were familiar with -- oldies from the 60s, 70s and 80s (40s too), and current pop favourites which were mostly those that C liked and were familiar with. They included songs by Justin Bieber (there's no escaping!), Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Christina Perri (had to ask C how to spell this name) and not missing the famous Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO. We also couldn't resist trying to do the shuffle in the room while singing that song!

Two days ago, in the course of a conversation about our karaoke activity, C stated that she doesn't want her friends to know that we, her parents, sang those current hits with her. When asked why, she said we're too 'old' like 'aunty' and 'uncle', and it would spoil her reputation.....Geez, talk about the typical teenage syndrome of feeling embarrassed by being associated with the parents! She's not even in her teens yet, let alone celebrated her 10th birthday, and already behaving like a 15-year-old....

Our pre-teen in action
(picture quality poor due to dim lighting and use of camera phone with limited capabilities)

Time passes so quickly and we can't stop aging that's for sure. It felt like only yesterday --"Only yesterday, when I was sad and I was lonely ...." Remember this Carpenters hit? Incidentally, this 'aunty' did sing this song at the karaoke :) -- that C was still a tiny bundle the length of my forearm....

And now, she's an American Idol wannabe, singing and dancing, and telling me just a few hours ago about Girls Generation (and I said "What? Who's that?").

Hmm, the teenage years are fast approaching, and I hope it will not last "a thousand years" (cue Christina Perri).

In the meantime, I guess we should just KEEP ROCKIN' (and rollin'! -- can't deny my 60s roots :D) with whatever comes our way, and be grateful for each new day.

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