Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sex education

I'm getting tired reading the news about our politicians making claims that certain educational books are morally degrading when things they do are far, far worse (and what they have done over the years and are still doing is too long a list and too sickening to write about here). The latest one yesterday is about a sex education book for children that's been around over 30 years. Read about it here. With such issues, they can take such swift action and immediately today, they have banned the booke "Where Did I Come From" by Peter Mayle, as reported here.

I had just thought of getting my hands on this book because C has become more aware of such matters with her lofty ideas in wanting to breed cats and dogs (she read up on how cats mate and watched videos too....), and last week, in learning about puberty at school.

When she was five or six, we got here a book about the human body, in which among other useful knowledge, described in brief about a sperm having to meet an egg in order to form a baby and how the foetus develops in the mother's womb. How the sperm gets to meet the egg is however not described in the book. I did try to 'describe' it to her once and when I asked her if she understood, all she said was "I think so".... and I didn't know how to go on from there. So I think getting a proper book for her would help. That's how I learned anyway during my early teens. Older generation parents were not so open with communicating such topics, and my science teacher in school even omitted teaching the last chapter in our Form 1 textbook which was about reproduction, and told us to read it ourselves during the year-end school holidays. Till today I wonder why she left it out since I feel there's nothing to be embarrassed about, more so when she was female and we were in an all-girls school.....

The past few days, conversations with C have included bits and bobs about the changes that will happen to one's body during puberty, but it has yet to veer to the explicit details of making babies. I guess her curiosity has yet to peak since her current stand is that she doesn't want to get married (hahaha!), and in her mind, in order to have babies, she has to get married first :)

Oh well, I think it is (adjective) to ban Peter Mayle's book, but there are so many other books out there still, and one can also turn to certain appropriate sites in the Internet.

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