Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Round and round

Days and weeks whiz by so quickly I sometimes forget the day or date. Some days I'm behind, some days I'm ahead. Yesterday was Tuesday but I kept thinking it's Wednesday! Staying at home to take care of the home, family, pets (in our case our dog and some 'working' fish that we need to prevent mosquito larvae), plants, and be Jill of all trades sometimes makes your brain go round and round like one of those rides in a carnival, and you feel dizzy after you get off!

I can only imagine how much dizzier some mothers get when they have many children (I have an ex-classmate who has been blessed with seven kids). Juggling their needs and different school and extra-curricular activities amidst the cooking, cleaning, tidying etc requires very good management and organisational skills. And especially if you don't have a maid to assist you. And even when you have a maid or maids, you still need those special skills to manage her/them.  I remember reading a comment somewhere that stay-at-home moms should be paid good salaries equivalent or even more than CEOs of large corporations. However, I doubt that'll ever happen and most of us housewives resign and console ourselves that a properly-kept home, happy and healthy kids are rewards that you can't put a dollar sign to.

Time passes at a constant rate since the very first day man decided to quantify the period between sunrise and sunset. But we always feel that time passes too 'slowly' when we are idle, and too 'fast' when we are busy. I tend to feel the latter. When I look back from Day One when C was born, I wonder how she is now nine going on 10! They grow so fast and it feels like we are growing old faster! And next month will be seven years for me at home. Every day, month, year is like a merry-go-round, rollercoaster and teeter-totter or see-saw combined. What a ride, and how not to get dizzy? Everyday, it's rush here and there, rush to do this and that. We forget to stop and smell the roses. So I'm trying to smell some roses every now and then.

I don't have roses in my garden but I have lilies that bloom every now and then. They smell nice too :-) And yes, I do know the phrase 'stop and smell the roses' goes beyond its literal meaning ;-)

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