Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas is coming

We have survived four weeks of school holidays and there's two weeks left before we say goodbye to 2011 and hello to Year 4 for Caitlin.

The past week, which was the fourth week, saw me and C simply going through the daily routine rather lazily. E, on the other hand, was very busy at work, returning late because of work and because of the flashfloods which occured during rush hour traffic in the evenings.

We have yet to buy our Christmas presents. No need to panic (but I still wish we could have done it earlier). It will be done somehow. Based on experience, everyone who is supposed to get a gift will get one when the time comes. 'Last minute' is the norm every year when it comes to Christmas presents. I could have done it earlier if it were left to me but most times, E and I don't agree with the choice of gifts so I leave it to him in the end to do it. It does help when we exchange wishlists with others but there are pros and cons to that too in my opinion.

If only we can do away with presents for each other once awhile. Speaking for myself, after all, I do have what I need, and there's more to Christmas than presents, which I sometimes forget when I get caught up with the activities it involves i.e. shopping, eating, cooking, partying.  

We've not put up any Christmas decor or the tree at all till now. Somehow this year, the Christmas mood is lacking, and we've been busy most weekends. And I don't see any point in hauling out the stuff from deep storage at this late juncture only for it to be put back again after two weeks.

So I'm expecting a quiet Christmas this year as with most years, nothing out of the ordinary other than the normal activities that we have every year i.e. go to church, and spend time with family.

I hope I don't sound like Scrooge. I'm being a bit more contemplative this time about the real meaning of  Christmas - The Gift of all gifts, and what it means when we say it's better to give than to receive.

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