Saturday, November 19, 2011

Smile and/or shudder - school holiday starts today!

The six-week year-end school holiday officially starts TODAY! C woke up and it was obvious that she was happy as she was drawing pictures in a notebook (yet another new one...aargh!). She announced happily that today is the first day of the school holidays, and said she'd like pancakes for breakfast when I asked. I told her she should make it herself because I was feeling lazy. In the end, she sort of did with some help from me. She measured out the flour, baking powder, got the eggs, read and followed the recipe, mixed the batter, set the table and even washed the utensils used in the preparation. I was surprised she did all that without me asking! Must be the holiday 'angin' ('crazy' wind). She found the teddy bear-shaped mould and said we could make the pancakes in that shape, so we did.

After breakfast, she went back to her drawing and reading while I put out the laundry and did some gardening. So far today, because we're all busy, we've not got into each other's hair but I shudder on the thought that we've another six weeks to go! I've a few activities planned for her with a few classmates and their moms but they're just a few....I guess I'll have to have a few more up my sleeve. Together with practising her musical instruments and going for music lessons plus attending BM tuition and hopefully doing some homework, I'm hopeful that the six weeks will zip by very quickly. And there's also having to go to school to pay next year's fees, buying school books and uniforms, shopping for Christmas presents for family.

My parents have plans to go on an overseas holiday starting Dec 23 and my dad has offered to sponsor us to go along. Dec 23 is the only time they are free as my brother and sis-in-law have taken leave from work to look after their son, whom my parents help care for on weekdays when they are at work. As much as I'd like to take up my dad on his offer, it's not so feasible as that would mean being away at Christmas, i.e. not spending Christmas with E's family who celebrates it in a routinely traditional way every year....

It's a dilemma. I want (or rather need!) to go on holiday and spend time with my side of the family because we hardly do so, yet there's the other family I'm married to to consider....E's family spends way more time together compared to mine. They find reason to get together and celebrate every occasion - birthdays, anniversaries, festivals/religious events, Mother's/Father's Day, and there's 15 family members altogether so you can imagine how many get-togethers there are (and how much time and money is spent on food and presents...)

As I was in the garden this morning, I came across two small butterflies mating so I told C she should come and take a look. It was a 'National Geographic' moment as we observed the butterflies moving about together on a leaf as if they were doing a waltz :)

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