Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I (yes, me!) survived the first week of school holiday

Last week, I survived the first week of C's school holiday pretty well. In between some piano practice and BM tuition, she watched TV, read, and made breakfast. I'm glad she enjoyed doing some stuff in the kitchen and I hope this will be the beginning of some independence in the near future where breakfast is concerned, especially on weekends when we are not rushing to get to school on time.

Before the school holiday, she had made a potato soup for dinner. Then she made pancakes (as mentioned in the preceding post), omelet(twice), and Milo. Over the weekend, she made a pineapple upside down cake (with my supervision) by following the recipe I provided.

I hope to continue to get her excited about cooking simple food in the next few weeks.

While E was travelling for work for four days last week, we were left with E's duty of what he terms as 'poop patrol' i.e. taking Rusty out for his night-time walks. While I walked him and used un-Earth-friendly plastic bags, C cycled.

We also went out for lunch twice in malls and did some window shopping (which I didn't enjoy because I kept hearing complaints of boredom if we were not looking at kids' stuff!).

Monday was a public holiday so E did not have to go to work. I had managed to get a good deal I found on Groupon, and we went to a new karaoke place at a new mall with a mum I know from school and her kid, C's friend. The kids enjoyed themselves singing their favourite songs, while we adults also chipped in with our oldies, sentimental hits, ballads and some contemporary ones. Of course, C had to sing songs by her favourite singers Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift besides this one that the two kids kept singing repeatedly.

Yesterday was spent at home. C read and played with her four-year-old cousin who visited in the morning.

Apart from going to the supermarket this morning for some grocery shopping, we've been at home today. C's busy filling in her journal, and 'writing' by pasting cut-out letters from old magazines ala scrapbooking.

The weather is gloomy and I feel sleepy......

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