Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Activity-filled weeks

C's school year-end exams ended quite early this time and the school has stopped giving academic lessons. They are now busy getting organised for their Speech Day which takes place on 16 Novermber. Everyday, they are busy rehearsing their respective performances. And there's lots of free time in between for the kids to play games or read.

The Year 3 students this year are involved in two items for Speech Day - choral speaking on the theme of 'harmony' where the children will be dressed in various national/international costumes, and singing a Chinese, Malay and English song in a choir.

C was earlier in the choral speaking team but she prefered (or rather loves!) to sing so we requested for a change. To C's delight, the teacher allowed it. Apparently, the teacher had chosen her for the choir at first but because the choral speaking team needed more kids who could speak/pronounce well, they decided to put her in choral speaking instead. This week, they will be having a full dress rehearsal at school and two other rehearsals at the actual venue.

Caitlin's school hall is too small to accommodate all the parents who will be attending Speech Day so every year, their Speech Day is held at an auditorium of the church the school is affiliated to.

The very next day after Speech Day, there will be a field trip. Last year, C missed the trip to a rabbit farm because it clashed with her drum exam. This time, C gets to go to a chocolate factory and a ceramic art centre.

Last week, the school celebrated Children's Day. In the past years, parents were requested to organise the party (food/activities) for their respective classes. But this year, the PTA committee decided to centralise it by organising it for the entire school. The celebration was held in the school quadrangle with singing, speeches by the PTA chairman and the principal, fun activities, a short skit by the teachers, performances by the Year 5 and 6 students, some fun exercises by Ronald McDonald (yup, they catered McDonald's meals for the kids) and the highlight was an educational dog show by the police K9 unit.

A video of teachers and kids having fun singing:

A video of the Year 5 and 6 kids dancing:

With all these activities, no pressure from studies and the coming long school holiday, C is really taking it easy these few weeks. She spends most of her free time reading (she's got a relatively big stash of unread books). Over the weekend, she resumed her 'writing' in yet another 'diary'. Every now and then, she'll write stuff in some notebook and she has a few in her 'collection'. This time, I told her she should stick to just one notebook so that all her thoughts and self-chatter (a more appropriate term in my opinion!) are properly kept in just one notebook.

The past few days, she's written the most in her history of journaling. Every free moment she had, she'd be writing and 'talking' to her diary - mostly about what she was doing at that point in time, what she observes around her, what she thinks E and I are doing/thinking. She adds colour to the text by using various pens, crayons, pencils, and drawing pictures and pasting stickers. She'd also share her writings by reading it aloud to us. I'm glad that this time she shared it with us. There had been times when she'd say it's secret and would write 'warning' instructions preceding her writings.

I am wondering how to keep her occupied this coming holiday which is between 19 November and 3 January 2012. I doubt we're travelling anywhere on vacation. If at all, it might be adhoc, short local trips. We seldom take major holidays locally or abroad as we can hardly afford it. Last year, we bit the bullet and went to Hong Kong, and we're still paying for the 'after effects'!

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