Friday, October 28, 2011

Sickness and birthday

As I had mentioned in the post before this one, the weather's been bad and this week is no different. Caitlin had high fever (40 deg C)on Monday but by Wednesday, the fever broke. We celebrated her ninth birthday a day earlier on Wednesday which coincided with the Deepavali public holiday. Family came over, we had lunch and did the customary song and cake at home.

She felt tired by evening and took a late nap, woke for a later-than-usual dinner.

Yesterday (Thursday 27th) was her birthday. We had planned for her to go to school and at lunch break, I'd bring a cake to celebrate with her classmates. But since she didn't seem fully recovered on Wednesday evening, we decided to let her skip school and luckily we did as her fever, although mild, returned when she woke in the morning (37.5 - 38 deg C). Her usual morning sneezes and stuffy nose due to her allergic rhinitis condition was more pronounced and her stuffy nose seemed worse than usual. I took her to the paediatrician who said she has mild flu and her nose allergy needs to be managed again with a nasal spray. She seemed a bit better by afternoon but went back to lethargy by late evening but fever appeared under control without paracetamol.

This morning she seemed fine when we went to the hair salon to get a trim (she asked for temporary curls too, and the stylist was kind enough to use her curling iron for free since she found out her birthday was yesterday). But by lunchtime, she felt tired again, with a slight temp, and is now asleep.

Sigh, I hope this viral fever will come to pass soon and I hope it's nothing else. She's not attended school or any other extra classes this whole week. I hope she'll be able to go to school next Monday. I'm glad exams are over and they're not doing much in school other than going through their exam papers and practising their performances for the Speech Day in two weeks' time.

I hear a number of kids in her class have also been absent due to fever or sickness...

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