Monday, October 24, 2011

Bad weather

The weather has been quite bad lately. We read about bad floods in our neighbouring country Thailand. And here, it's scorching hot in the mornings and afternoons but come late afternoon and evening, it starts to pour very heavily. Sometimes the rain can continue into the night for hours.

With such weather, I'm sure the doctors are getting good business with more people getting sick. Week before last, E caught the flu. He had traveled to East Malaysia for work for a few days. Couple with lack of sleep and stressful work, his immunity let its guard down and he caught the flu. Then last week, it was my turn. I caught a cold and till today, some remnants of it is still lingering.

This morning, C woke up to get ready for school and told us her head felt hot. She has a fever and has skipped school. I guess we'll keep her at home tomorrow as well. Wednesday is a public holiday for Malaysians as it is the Hindu festival of Deepavali or Diwali. We will be celebrating C's ninth birthday on Wednesday with lunch at home with family.

C's actual birthday is on Thursday. I hope she will be well by then to go to school as she wants me to bring a cake to school at lunchtime to celebrate her birthday with her classmates.

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