Friday, September 9, 2011

Mini Great Wall of China, Pangkor Island

These are a few sections of the Mini Great Wall of China as you walk along the paved and stepped walkway.

Before our recent visit, I had come to Pangkor Island only once before. That was more than 10 years ago. I had heard about this place on the island but had never been there before this. The Mini Great Wall of China as it's called, is simply a very scaled-down replica (doubt this word is even suitable in fact). But it still manages to attract lots of tourists by the vanloads.

The reason I say 'vanloads' and not 'busloads' is that during our three to four hours in Pangkor, all I saw were pink vans going about the narrow roads of the island bringing tourists to all the various attractions. And speaking about narrow roads, the road leading to the Fu Lin Kong Chinese Temple where the Mini Great Wall is located is very narrow, just enough for 1.5 cars to pass either way, meandering through a haphazard housing area (a village is more like it).

As you approach the temple, the first thing that greets you is a bright, colourful Chinese arch. Walk past the parking area where you also find a few stalls selling drinks, snacks and souvenirs and you reach the temple with rock-arch entrances on both sides.

Archway entrance to the temple

The parking area in front of the Fu Lin Kong temple, with many pink taxi vans.

I did not step into the temple but I could see that it's well-maintained, clean and has a fresh coat of paint. The roof of the temple is typical of most Chinese temples with its various intricate designs and sculptures. This one has figurines of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals as well.

The temple with its various sculptured structures

The horse atop one of the roof corners

The Mini Great Wall is towards the back of the temple. On one side of the temple, there are some cages with monkeys and squirrels inside. They were not well-maintained and the animals didn't look too happy to be there. I wonder why the management of the temple (or whoever owns the animals) wants to have those animals and cage them up.... :(

We walked around for a bit, went up the gradual steps along the 'great wall', saw some tortoises at one corner of the temple, and left after browsing at the souvenir stalls.

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