Thursday, September 29, 2011

Busy, busy, busy....bump! and dent!

This is a rather long-winded post.

Time flies when you're having fun, they say. I agree with the first part about time flying. As for the second part about having fun, I'm not too sure. I've just been busy, busy, busy. And sometimes when you're busy, busy, busy, you forget to have fun. Or even if the busy, busy, busy bits are related to fun events, you're just too tired to have fun because you had been busy, busy, busy earlier. Am I making any sense? Aah, these days, things just seem to go round and round like in a carnival where many things are happening at the same time - there's music, there's jugglers, stiltwalkers, clowns, magicians, side shows with loud announcements, all the kiddy rides blaring their own music etc, all going on at the same time it makes you dizzy. Busy and dizzy - they rhyme.

On weekdays, I have the daily routine of waking up, preparing breakfast, doing laundry, going online for various reasons, feeding plants, dog and fishes, cleaning/tidying house, going to the wet market/supermarket, cleaning and putting away groceries, preparing food and cooking, chauffering, supervising, nagging etc etc etc.

Meanwhile, the past weekends have been activity filled too. Besides the usual chauffering duties on Saturdays for music lesson and Sundays for Sunday School, we've attended two birthdays and one full-moon do, and this weekend, two reunions with old friends.

Yesterday was a crazy day. As I was merrily sitting in my car at standstill at morning 8.30am peak hour traffic on my way to the market, listening to an interview with the great David Foster (anyone has free tickets for his upcoming concert in KL?), I was suddenly jolted out of my world by a loud bang. Someone had rear-ended me. So I got out. Our cars were on the fast lane but I was oblivious at that moment to the jam we were causing. Ms Myvi had hit me because the car behind hers, Ms Peugeot, had hit her. My back hatch door was dented and the bumper had a few scratches.

It was about 'Breakfast'. You see, Ms. Peugeot who started the chain accident had somehow lost control of her car (yeah, in standstill traffic, sheesh...) because she had reached down to get some food (found that out from Ms Myvi two hours later). She must not have had her breakfast yet so she decided to eat while driving.... She hit Ms. Myvi so Ms. Myvi hit me. Luckily, I didn't hit the car in front of me. Poor Ms Myvi's front and back were smashed. She was Sandwich-ed.

It's strange how each of us just got out of our cars and started calling someone, more so the other two ladies....I had started out wanting to get the whole thing settled asap but since they got preoccupied on their phones, I decided to do the same. In between phone calls, we decided to move our cars to a side road nearby to sort it out.

About 45 minutes of my time was wasted talking, discussing options, wondering which police station to go to if we were to make reports, getting distracted by some workshop guy offering his services, waiting for Ms Myvi and Ms Peugeot's husbands to come and 'rescue' them as their decisions affect me... As for me, hubby was available only via mobile phone but it was no sweat.

Ms Myvi and her husband decided to settle upfront with me, no police report about her hitting me. She didn't want to lose her no-claim bonus from her insurance. So I led her, again through the peak hour jam, to my workshop so that they could quote the repair cost and they paid for it (RM450). By the time I got to my original destination of the market, it was another hour later. I was somewhat relieved that I could move on with life. I bought my chicken, meat, and other stuff and drove home. Just as I was about to reach home, my phone rang and the circus started.

Ms Myvi said Ms Peugeot's insurance can pay for Myvi's repairs (of course!) and MINE as well (really? but Ms Peugeot didn't hit me so why would her insurance pay me?). So the phone calls between the three of us started going around again. I was trying to confirm if such is true and how now that Myvi has already paid my workshop etc etc....

To cut the long story short, I finally had to go to the police station later in the afternoon to make a police report to enable Ms Myvi to claim insurance from Ms Peugeot and to allow the former to get her refund from my workshop. I also had to make the report to avoid getting a fine since Myvi had reported she hit me (in an accident, it is required that the other party(ies) involved make a police report too within 24 hours if one party does so). I told Ms Myvi she had to deal with my workshop herself to get her refund. And my poor workshop has to now go through the hassle of the paperwork to claim the cost of my repair from Ms Peugeot's insurance. I've yet to send my car in to be fixed.

By the time I got done at the police station and got home, it was time to hit the kitchen to cook dinner. By the time dinner was over, I was totally exhausted, having been on the go with my juggling act all day.

I'm thankful the damage to my car was not too bad compared to Ms Myvi Sandwich, and that other than the hassle I had to go through and time wastage, I'm still in one piece :)

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