Monday, June 13, 2011

The past two weeks

In a blink of an eye, the two-week school holidays are over. Today, C goes back to school. Having gone to bed around 11.00pm every night, past her usual bedtime of 9.00pm the past two weeks and waking up late after 8.00am, I was afraid she'd have trouble waking up this morning. I had tried getting her to return to her normal bedtime hours the past few days but failed. Thankfully, we managed to wake her up this morning without much fuss. But I wonder if it'll be the same tomorrow since she might be tired out from today's relatively busy day at school compared to the two weeks of rest and relaxation. As usual, I'll have to take it one day at a time.

Workwise, C spent the two weeks catching up with piano practice, and going for music lessons and Malay language tuition. Playwise, she read and re-read numerous books, played with her toys, watched tv and we went out a bit.

The highlights were outings to malls, catching Kung Fu Panda 2 with E and me, and getting a free tour of the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas (DFP), the concert hall in KLCC, home to the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra.

C also made her official first ride on her bicycle without the training wheels. While I had noticed that she  could do so already earlier on, those wheels were still attached to the bike although they were slightly raised.

The visit to  DFP on a weekday morning required us to leave home at 8.15am to 'wade' through office-hour traffic. We got there at 9.00am, 45 minutes early. To kill time, we took a walk around the KLCC park and studied trees and plants. The park provided good opportunity to revise our knowledge of plants. We saw a number of bird's nest ferns, an epiphyte according to C, other tropical trees like those from the palm family. I pointed out other ferns growing on host trees, lichen on tree barks and learnt from C a lichen genus called Cladonia which she said she read about in Guardians of Gahoole. Then I showed her 'duit duit' or felt fern, another epiphyte. We took a look at the deserted children's water playground in the park which is usually crowded with kids on weekends. Then, it was time to head to DFP.

We joined another 20 or so adults and children inside the concert hall for a short talk about the place and later went on a backstage tour. The conductor and soloist have their own rooms while the other musicians share a common lounge. The lounge has comfy sofas and dining tables, a piano, tv, dart board, books, notice board, pantry, lockers, dressing rooms, washrooms and shower stalls. Backstage was a maze of corridors and staircases (there are lifts too but we didn't take any). In my hurry to leave the house that morning, I had forgotten to put my camera in my bag so I had to use my mobile phone camera to take pictures which I've yet to download to my computer.

The DFP conducts free tours every first Monday of the month and you can make an appointment for it online here.

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