Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Parenting and school exams

It is the season for school mid-year exams here in Malaysia. Some schools have started their exams one to two weeks ago especially Chinese schools that have more papers to cover, while others will probably hold theirs next or the following week, which is the week before school is out for a two-week break. C's school is having their exam next week from Monday to Friday, with Tuesday a public holiday.

As usual, C is not afraid of exams and does not like to do any revision. We've tried many ways to get her to at least prepare a little but no way, Miss "What, Me Worry?" will leave it to the very last minute before she starts taking out her books. She's only four days away from Monday's exam but is still more interested in reading her storybooks or doing other fun stuff. As I'm typing here right now, she is creating a comic of her own, drawing the pictures in boxes and writing in speech balloons.... Her definition of 'last minute' is very precise i.e. study only the night before or morning of the day of the exam, if she studies at all.....sigh.....It sure sounds like mummy is the one getting exam fever.

As the Cantonese say, "mo ngan thai" or "no eyes to see" if translated literally. That's what comes to mind when I feel my blood pressure rising, my chest tightening with a dull ache, followed by strains of "Que Sera Sera" playing in my head.....

And people tell me I have it so easy because I have only one child. They fail to realise that parenting only one child may be much more difficult than parenting multiple children.

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