Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Audio books

Audio books are a great way for busy people who are always on the go to 'read'. I've never bought any audio books in the past because these CD sets are pretty expensive, more expensive than the actual books. However, I came across some which were selling at a great bargain recently, and am now enjoying listening to a book while I drive around in my car running errands.

For me, it's easier and faster to finish a book this way instead of sitting down and holding a book in my hand to read as I don't have the time to do that. Reading the conventional way does not allow me to multitask, and I don't have the ability to absorb what I'm reading as my mind is always distracted with the 'what' and 'when' of the many things I need to do daily.

So currently, I'm halfway through The Art of Racing in the Rain, a fiction story that touches on life's issues surrounding a racing driver - his ups and downs as a racing driver, his family life, losing his wife to illness...and I'll know the rest after I finish listening to the story. And all these are told by his pet dog Enzo who narrates and analyses the ways of humans from his viewpoint, with interesting insight, wit and wisdom, and drawing analogies from his knowledge of his master's art of car racing.  You can read the synopsis of the book here.

It's a good change 'reading' a book with an audio book right now for me.

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