Monday, March 14, 2011

School break

The one-week break is here! We kicked it off on Saturday by dining out at a new place called The Pork Place (so much for abstinence during Lent...although I'm not Catholic). The food turned out to be nothing to shout about. C had tri-coloured spiralli with meatballs (dry meatballs and too litle gravy over the pasta), E had a pork, ham and cheese burger (tasted normal) while I had their shoulder loin steak (the crust was overdone and they should have used a better cut of meat). I took some pics but unfortunately it was with my 'new' mobile which I have yet to figure out how to send pictures or load it to the computer.

The 'new' phone saga is another story. Mobile phones don't seem to last very long these days.

C had fun yesterday. She got almost the entire collection of the Legend of the Guardians book series and set us back over RM200 unexpectedly when we dropped in at the Popular book fair at IPC shopping mall. We just need book 9 and 11 to complete the 15-book collection. For those unfamiliar with the name change (like me at first), IPC is the new name for Ikano Power Centre. Later in the evening, E and C took off to the Putra Indoor Stadium to catch the EPL Masters vs. Malaysian selection footy game. It was C's first live soccer match and she thoroughly enjoyed it according to E.

Today, C also had her first experience going to a karaoke joint. Her classmate celebrated her ninth birthday with a karaoke party. She practically hogged the mike singing Justin Bieber songs and a few Taylor Swifts. She's still sticking to her current ambition of becoming a singer I guess...At this time of writing, she is splayed out on the sofa in dreamland after her singing marathon followed by a reading marathon of book 4 of the Legend of Guardians....

Last Friday she agreed to some 'homeschooling' this week in preparation for her piano exam this Thursday and school exam next week. Monday's almost over and I wonder if 'homeschooling' will start tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I've been following news of the devastating earthquake, tsunami and nuclear plant problem in Japan. Just a few weeks before this, Christchurch was hit by an earthquake too...Life is fragile.

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