Thursday, March 17, 2011

A friend indeed

There are friends whom I've known since age six. We shared much together as kids and are still very much in touch now that we're in our forties and have kids of our own. We don't spend much time together these days but nothing much has changed in terms of our friendship.

And there are friends I got to know in adulthood. We shared much together as well but it's not the quantity of time we spent together. It was the quality of whatever little time we managed to squeeze, from our busy lives as working adults and parents, to share.

Friends are treasures. True friends I mean. Those who are there with you through thick and thin no matter how long you've known them. Today, I remember one of them. We spent quality time together although the time was not decades long. In fact, it was less than a decade. Looking back, I wish we had spent more time together. And I'm very sure we would have hit it off if I had known her when I was six.

Many people loved her but God also loved her and took her home five years ago today. She continues to live in many hearts, especially in the hearts of her two Michaels here.

Jennifer - a friend indeed, among others she's known to be - loving mother, adorable wife, caring sister, filial daughter...

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