Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bieber bleah!

This worldwide frenzy about Justin Bieber has reached my doorstep! While popular mass media coin it as 'Bieber fever', I feel a bit hot in a different way about this teenager that's got all our young ones bopping to his tunes. It goes without saying that his genre, if it can be considered one (how do I classify his songs? Rap? He says here that it's not a specific type of music, 'just good music'... *eyes rolling*) is meant for generation Z, not the old soul in me who prefers pre-80's music. But still, what are his songs promoting or teaching kids of this generation? Look at what's portrayed in this video and its lyrics for instance.

Eenie meenie miney mo
Catch a bad chick by her toe
If she holla (if, if, if she holla) let her go

Shes indecisive
She cant decide
She keeps on lookin
From left to right

Girl, cmon get closer
Look in my eyes
Searchin is so wrong
I'm Mr. Right

You seem like the type
To love em and leave em
And disappear right after this song.
So give me the night
To show you, hold you
Dont leave me out here dancin alone

You cant make up your mind, mind, mind, mind, mind
Please dont waste my time, time, time, time, time
Im not tryin to rewind, wind, wind, wind, wind
I wish our hearts could come together as one

Cause shorty is a eenie meenie miney mo lova
Shorty is a eenie meenie miney mo lova
Shorty is a eenie meenie miney mo lova
Shorty is a eenie meenie miney mo lova

Let me show you what your missin
With me you're winning girl
You dont have to roll the dice.....

C enjoys his tunes and the rhythm but I doubt she gives much thought to the actual meaning of what she's singing along to. But with repeated viewing of such videos and repeated singing of such lyrics, what's the subliminal effect?

She discusses with her classmates about this babyfaced-perfectly-coiffed-hair boy every now and then, and they probably get their latest info from one of the girls' older sister who together with her own classmates are also very likely suffering from the fever.... talk about viral marketing!

While we can't entirely prevent (and we're not being realistic if we do) our kids from enjoying the likes of Bieber or other negative influences, we need to prepare and strengthen them to have the right view and values relating to the opposite sex, boy-girl relationships, proper dressing and behaviour, etc.

So the fever rages on and C has asked her daddy to compile a CD of Bieber's songs (together with another new collection of Christian songs, mind you, haha!) for her to listen to in the car. Meanwhile, daddy (are you reading this, daddy?) and me have to look out for teachable moments to remind her about what's right and wrong....

Parenting, parenting, parenting - the joys and sorrows of it all.

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