Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I have a problem with time. There's too little of it for me. They say everyone has 24 hours a day and if you plan well, you can do a lot of things. Well, I try to plan well but sometimes things don't go as planned and always, I end up not getting a lot of things done.

Blogging will certainly come in the lower ranks of priority. It has gradually been the past year and the year before. When I first started blogging a few years ago when Caitlin was in kindy, I used to have time to make two or three entries per day sometimes. Now it's averaging one per week.

A friend called and asked me to help complete a last-minute job last week. She asked if I'm free so I said I'm always not free but if there's work to be done, I'll consider if I'm able to meet her deadline. She is single so I guess she's yet to experience for herself how life is as a working mum, and more so, how life is as a working and stay-home mum, or even more so, a working-stay-home-maidless-chaufferless-mum.

She wondered aloud how her older sis who is a working mum can be so 'free'. And since I wasn't free I didn't offer a lengthy comparative analysis of working-outside mums and working-at-home mums other than working-outside mums usually send their kids to daycare. And if their kids are toddlers, their needs are simpler and easier to attend to compared to the needs of a schoolgoing kid. Hence they are more 'free' although I don't think any mother can be 'free' at all until the day their kids leave home. Even then, they might be called in to help mind the grandkids etc...


mumsgather said...

Anna, If not for daycare, I don't see how a working mum with school going kids could manage it. From the moment my kids get home, I am bombarded with what they have to bring to school, what projects is due when, not to mention the daily work which I have to set aside time for them to complete. Once we're done with all that, its time for dinner. After dinner, we're all so tired, we jumped into bed at 8.30pm and by 9pm everyone has zonked out. If I am working, I may have just gotten home at 7-8pm and missed all the in between which is a lot!!!

Anna said...

Hi MG. Exactly. You detailed all these to the 'T' for me.