Wednesday, December 8, 2010

We're back

We have returned from a rollercoaster trip to Hong Kong! It was truly 'rollercoaster' in more ways than one with some ups and downs - we rode the rollercoaster at Disneyland, we had loads of fun (C had the most fun since the main features of the holiday were Disneyland and Ocean Park), C got exhausted and slept almost the entire day after Disneyland and couldn't keep much food down. We wondered if it was a delayed effect of the rollercoaster ride since she insisted on riding the Space Mountain rollercoaster a second time!

I declined the second ride after emerging from the first one with a slight headache so E went with her. I didn't want to risk getting sick or dizzy and not enjoying the rest of the day. I didn't remember feeling that 'old' when I rode it the very first time in Disneyland Anaheim 10 years ago. Oh well, I guess I'm really older now since that was 10 years ago. Even altitude drops when the aircraft is descending to land gives me headaches what more rollercoasters....

Last Thursday, we arrived home at KLIA to face delayed baggage claim, rainy outdoors and rather disorganised taxi system compared to great weather, orderly transportation system and smooth check in/out at the HK International Airport during arrival and departure.

We spent two whole days at Disneyland and Ocean Park but had to sacrifice our free half-day city tour (harbour, peak, fishing village and jewellery factory) which came with our flight-accommodation package. One day was spent transferring from the Disney hotel to another in Kowloon while dragging a groggy, slightly sick kid along, afterwhich she continued to sleep in the Kowloon hotel for the entire evening.

We had wished to extend our stay for another day but the available return flight was limited to only one in the early morning, making it not worthy of another night's hotel cost and little extra time for the other things we had wanted to do.

The next day after returning we made a day trip back to my parents' place to pick up Rusty boy. Since we didn't have the opportunity to eat any nice HK food, I satisfied my cravings with the famous Seremban beef noodle at Yee Kee, and later some down-to-earth yet tasty Chinese food in a restaurant in Rahang for dinner.

Saturday saw us combing the crowded mall in search of suitable Christmas presents for family. The highlight of Sunday was dinner at a newfound place in USJ Subang. Roasted pork knuckle with black pepper Mongolian-styled sauce and steamed 'loong dan' fish were the features. They served tempting 'sauna prawns' too. This dish is one with fresh (live?) prawns thrown into a pot with hot rocks and Carlsberg beer poured over them and covered for a while, and went the lid is lifted, an aromatic beer-tinged cloud of steam is released, permeating the restaurant. Other diners had ordered that dish but we didn't -- next opportunity when we have more seafood lovers eating with us perhaps.

Monday was back to work for E while I tried to get C to practise her piano for her lesson that evening. Tuesday (yesterday) was a public hol so we did some more Christmas shopping but still couldn't complete it (sigh...).

Today, E is at work while C and I are unproductively lazing about at home - me with the computer and C with books and tv. I'm wondering if the heavy rain and thunderstorm right now will delay E's return from work. We plan to put up the Christmas tree after dinner tonight.

Caitlin is attending a fun workshop tomorrow entitled Jurassic Adventure that includes 'fossil' artwork, learning about dinosaurs, making a diorama, games and camping overnight in the compound of a kindergarten where the activity is held. They'll be involved in setting up tents, campfire, cooking and setting up tables outdoors.

Before bedtime, they'll have story telling, treasure hunt, singing and toasting marshmallows. The next morning they'll have some exercise, discover 'fossils', make popcorn and end with a movie. All these are on paper and I hope the weather will hold up for them.

And this weekend, I guess we'll do more shopping and I just hope we'll complete it. I don't like shopping, especially in crowded malls and not knowing exactly what to buy due to several factors such as suitability for the recipient, availability, choices or the lack of it and budget...

That pretty much sums up how ACE spent last week and this.

Here are some of the 450 shots I took with my camera over the four days in HK. These are the ones of Disneyland.

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