Wednesday, December 15, 2010


South Korean girls popgroup Wonder Girls have been making some waves globally. One of their most popular hits is 'Nobody', a very lively and catchy song. Caitlin learnt of this song when her drum teacher played it for her to drum along.

It's funny how some songs stick in your mind and they just pop up at rather appropriate moments at times. I've had many such experiences when I had said or thought of something and a song related to it just surfaced. And it's been some time since I last encountered other people who share this 'phenomena' until yesterday when I had a casual conversation with C.

Me: Why don't you like (a person)?
C: I just don't like (that's her usual answer when she's not interested to give reasons or details)
Me: Then who do you like?
C: Nobody...nobody...and she broke into the Wonder Girls' chorus "Nobody, nobody, but you..."

I found it quite amusing.

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