Wednesday, December 15, 2010


This is yet another one about Caitlin and her cheekiness.

I was driving, she was seated at the back. We were both silent listening to the car radio and probably our own thoughts as well.

She says: I think I smell a fart. (She usually is the first one to point it out in such a manner if she were the culprit, thinking that it would throw suspicion off her)

I hadn't smelt anything (yet) so I said: Really? It's not me.

C: It's not me. (of course, she was lying)

Me (smelling it now ): Yuks, it's sooo smelly...

C: No, it's exotic.

Me: What?!

C: It's like an exotic perfume, a nice exotic perfume...

I almost cracked up. What an adjective to use......

Despite us having taught her to say 'excuse me' in such instances, she only does it when she passes wind audibly and sometimes when she can't escape being obvious during silent ones...tsk, tsk, tsk!

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