Tuesday, November 23, 2010


My blogs have been neglected quite a bit lately. Somehow my time and thoughts have been distracted and taken up by other things, mainly those concerning C. It started in mid October with her school exams, then her birthday party, then other school activities like Children's Day and Speech Day and last Friday, her drum exam. In between there were the routine things like household chores, errands, writing assignments, sending her to various classes and playing catch-up with her Yamaha JXC homework/practice (this seems never ending, not until March next year at least when she sits for the Grade 9 exam).

Since blogging is of low priority, my blogs have been on the backburner. So too has my Cooking Thurdays adventures. In fact my daily cooking of meals have also reduced significantly the past month. Dashing in and out of the house leaves me little time to plan and cook meals. So most times, it's been a mish mash of cooking one or two dishes myself and buying the rest from outside to make up complete meals.

The school hols have just started and this means less personal time again to blog.

Coming up will be a short trip to Hong Kong for ACE. The decision was a spontaneous one. I had saved up over a few years and decided that it'd be a 'now or never' deal if I didn't use whatever little that's been accumulated for a holiday. Being the year-end and school holidays to boot, the flight times and dates were limited but nevertheless, we managed to get dates, times and accommodation that are acceptable.

So the rest of this week will see ACE tying up some loose ends before going on holiday.

I wonder when Cooking Thursdays can resume. The year is coming to an end. Next year, C will be in Year 3 at school (yikes!).

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