Monday, November 1, 2010

Can't wait

Wow, it's November today. I can't wait for the school holidays. The last day of school is November 19. That's also the day of C's drum exam. October has been an extremely busy month for us. E had to travel more than usual. C had her year-end exams at school and needs to really buck up with her drum practice for the exam. Then last week, I had to organise a Halloween-themed birthday party for C.  This Wednesday, I need to go to school to offer moral and probably physical support for Children's Day celebration. Of course, as the 'home manager', everything that affects them affects me. Plus I had additional writing jobs (read deadlines) and they're still ongoing while the rest of the daily routine stuff like household matters, errands, and Caitlin's school and extra-curricular activities need the usual time and attention.

Needless to say, I am stretched mentally and physcally. We hope to go on a holiday during the holidays but even that needs work. It's quite an irony, that you need to work (to earn money and work on planning) for a holiday, but that's reality. Nothing can appear with just a wave of a wand or a snap of a finger.  But I do wish I have a magic lamp and a nice capable genie right now who can:

cook tasty delicious meals
clean and tidy up the house
do laundry and ironing
go grocery shopping
drive the kid around everywhere
supervise school work, piano and drum practice
run errands
write amazing articles that pay tons of money
feed and care for Rusty our pet dog (it's his second birthday today!)
and give me nice spas and massages all in the comfort of home....

Okay, I have to get back to writing stuff that pay and not stuff that ramble nonsense, like this blogpost.

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mumsgather said...

Haha. If you come across that genie, please don't forget to ask him to pay me a visit too.