Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Three years of drumming

At 4+ years old, Caitlin started drumming because she pestered us like mad for it. Before we found her a child-friendly teacher, my pots and pans suffered a lot of dents and the neighbours above and below our apartment probably had to wear ear plugs with all the clanging she made. This is what she looked like then at her first drum lesson with Teacher Andrew.

Three years later, which is now, she will be taking her Grade 2 exam next month. She has so far been able to learn quite easily but the problem is getting her to be more diligent in practising.

I'm worried if she can pass the exam. She did last year in Grade 1, learning the pieces six months ahead and practising hard only two weeks before the exam. This year she started learning nine months ahead and exam is three weeks away. Still no hard practice in sight. Teacher Andrew says she should be able to pass but she can do better if she practises more....

She enjoys playing (when she feels like it) and going for lessons but does not like practising. For me, it's a challenge to draw the line between allowing freedom of enjoyment and encouraging/enforcing compulsory practice. I don't want to make learning and practising a chore because I've been down that road myself as a music student. And I'm disturbed when I see other parents pushing their kids hard to do well in everything.

Caitlin now:

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