Monday, October 18, 2010

School story of the day

Early in the morning, someone naughty wrote using crayon on the class white board "All the 2 Aman (name of class) teachers are stu**d. From: I won't tell you my name."

A CSI-like investigation is about to be launched among a few classmates despite the fact that tomorrow, the year-end exam starts. The class teacher happens to be absent today. The 'reporter' suspects that she has gone on another date with her boyfriend as they are getting married next month.

When the teacher for the first period for the day arrived, all the boys posed in a dramatic posture and drew the teacher's attention to the board by making the sound effects of "ten, ten, ten, ten..." (5th of Beethoven intro). The disciplinary teacher came to the class and took photos of the crime scene and asked who did it. Of course no one owned up.

To be continued....


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