Friday, October 1, 2010

Roti Jala and Chicken Curry

As I was going to be busy on Thursday, Cooking Thursdays took place on Wednesday this week instead. Although I had earlier planned to try out new recipes on Thursdays, it has turned out that I was doing it on non-Thursdays instead lately, like last week when I made strawberry cheesecake on Saturday.

I'd been meaning to try making roti jala for some time now. I had planned to make it earlier on Malaysia Day two weeks ago but that didn't materialise and since I had time on Wednesday, I took the opportunity.

The recipe for roti jala is very simple, but you need the roti jala making utensil to produce the net-like pancake. 'Jala' means 'net', 'roti' refers to 'bread' usually but is used here although it's more like a pancake.

The utensil can be bought from most super/hypermarkets or shops that cater to cooking/baking needs. I bought mine for around RM1.50 more than a year ago. Yes, that long ago and only now I'm using it! This is what it looks like.

Alternatively, a good substitute would be a mayonnaise dispenser with a row of nozzles which looks like this. I saw it at the Daiso shop here which sells every item for RM5.

After using the utensil I have, I'm thinking that maybe the mayo dispenser bottle could work better, unless it's my inexperienced hands that's the problem. When I dripped the batter onto the pan with the utensil, somehow the 'strips' that were created tend to spread and join up, filling up the gaps between each line. Not sure how to describe it actually but the end result gives you a pancake that looks like the regular pancake you make with too few netting-like holes. Maybe the batter was not thick enough thus making it 'run' around the pan?

Anyway, they improved a bit after the initial pieces and looked closer to the professionally-made ones after I folded them into triangles. You can also roll them up like in the recipe and video of the mayo bottle (click on the two links above).


mumsgather said...

Wow! These look fantastic! You are making my mouth water! Haha.

Anna said...

Thanks MG. Actually they tasted good too (not bragging!). You can try too. Quite easy to make and can get your kids to 'help' and have some fun. Some westerners use the utensil but instead of roti jala batter, they make their usual pancake/crepe batter that is sweet. Maybe I'll try it one day.