Monday, October 18, 2010

Inhale, exhale

I shall be very busy this week again. I guess it's an understatement since I'm busy every week, every day, and almost every hour. It's just that I'll be busier than usual. On top of the usual daily stuff, I'll be single parenting again this week. That means covering E's job of sending C to school in the morning, and walking Rusty.

Caitlin's school year-end exam starts tomorrow till Friday while her other extra classes still go on as usual. She's hardly studied for the exam, but I'm the one who is worrying like I'm taking the exam.

I've a 3,500-word report to write, due in three weeks' time which requires me to start ASAP while my memory is still fresh. Don't know where or how to start. Nine speakers' half-hour presentation each to consolidate...

Then, on Saturday, we're celebrating C's 8th birthday at home with family. That means planning the decor, games and food, plus it's a costume party so I need to make a costume for her and I guess mine will be a last-minute one. No time to bother what costume E will wear.

And the house is a mess and getting dustier by the day. My weekly hired cleaners will not come this week as I'll be out in the morning sending C to school (because E who sends her daily will not be around) and they are in such demand that they cannot reschedule if I am not available during the time allocated for me.

I must remember to stay calm and breathe.

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