Thursday, September 23, 2010

This week

Wow, it's already a week since my last post here. It felt like only a few days. E is returning from a working trip to Jakarta this evening. Since Sunday afternoon, C and I have been a twosome. She was very sad Daddy was going away. She expressed fears of earthquakes and tsunamis when E mentioned his Jakarta trip a couple of weeks back. She cried pleading him not to go because of the danger. It's times like these I sometimes wish she wasn't such an avid reader as her knowledge of earthquakes and related events worked against us. She soon forgot about it until the day before he left, and then it started again..."I don't want you to go....there's earthquakes and's, don't go, pleeease..."

For the past four nights, I have a new sleep partner. She occupies almost the entire king-size bed and uses me as a bolster sometimes. I also have to drive her to school in the mornings since her usual going-to-school buddy who drives her and himself to work is not around. Poor Rusty is also not spared from E's absence. Instead of daddy, he gets me to walk him, and after the walk, he only gets water, no extra treats. I'm stricter and try not to let him pull me along. In defence of her little 'brother', C asked, "Why are you so strict with Rusty? He's not joining the army or anything!"

Ties between Malaysia and Indonesia have been strained since last year. A spate of Indonesian maid abuse cases here have gotten Indonesia putting a halt to 'exporting' their maids to Malaysia. Then our navy detained some Indonesian fisherman causing increased tension and demonstrations in both countries, then two days ago, another maid abuse case in Penang....

E said security was tight in Jakarta, even in the hotels. I heard over the news this morning that the Indons demonstrated at the Malaysian embassy there yesterday evening. E stayed in his room and watched tv and didn't go out after work. Luckily he's returning today.

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