Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Baby

My chubby cheeker, adorable and innocent cutie pie is growing up so's been only five years since this picture but it feels so much longer. She has long hair now, is very vain, talks back, makes her case like a pro lawyer with comebacks that leave us either speechless or in fits of laughter. Her life revolves around wanting longer hair, beauty accessories and developing her own fashion sense, daydreaming about boyfriends and getting married, as well as whatever her current fancies are that relate to the books and movies she has been reading or watching. If she isn't only one month shy of being eight years old, I would have thought that I was just describing a teenager.

Caitlin (3 yrs old) and me, 2005

Yet in many ways, my drama queen cum princess is still an innocent little girl. She still has her favourite security bolster she can't leave home without. She still whines, folds her arms and pouts when she doesn't get her way. She complains incessantly that it's 'unfair' when she loses a board game that we played fairly although she knows it's only a game and we win some, we lose some. She is generous at times without any conditions but can be stingy too when it's to her advantage.

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