Tuesday, July 13, 2010


It's been a rather tiring few weeks lately. The demands of supervising a school-going child's academic and co-curricular (music education only in fact) progress can be quite draining if you have an eight-year-old who behaves like an 18-year-old! Plus the man of the house has been 'missing' quite a lot lately due to demands of his work during the just-over World Cup season, travelling outstation over weekends and returning late on weekdays.

After five years of being a SAHM, it's getting rather dull and boring for me more frequently lately as I chug along semi robot-like with the daily routines of home, school, childminding, cooking and blah, blah, blah (yeah, that does indicate my present state! LOL!)

I've toyed with a number of ideas and stuff that's been up in the air or on the backburner all this five years' long while, even some grandiose plans when I was all excited at the start of my new career as SAHM in 2005.

Some include getting more exercise, upgrading my writing skills by going for some writing courses (gosh, the choices are rather limited here and track record of those offering them don't seem greatly enticing to be honest), going for cooking classes, writing my great big novel, starting an hourly childcare service (on second thought, I must be crazy to have thought of this!), reading more 'serious' books, rekindling my on-off affair with music and the piano or even a new instrument....

Then last week, an old friend called and asked me to join in her idea of FUN in starting a blog (oh yes, yet another one which makes it seven in total for me...) that gives the "skinny on where to eat, stay and play" which is the tagline for the blog, appropriately named Two Skinny Moms. We've so far contributed one post each. Check it out here. Thanks, IC!

Last week, C's school organised Bahasa Malaysia Week and among the activities was a show-and-tell. In two weeks' time, it will be English Week and there'll be show-and-tell too.  Her English teacher has asked the class to start preparing for it and to present it to her today. Although the teacher told the class about it last week, this dear girl, as usual has to leave it to the last minute. She, and me and daddy of course(!), had to crack heads to come up with an interesting topic to show and tell. Gosh, this girl is super picky and turned down many of our suggestions until I suggested football, World Cup, and her favourite player. Then only, she got excited.

So she wrote her script last night, mostly about Kaka, the Brazilian football star she recently read about in a kid's magazine. We learnt that Kaka's full name is Ricardo Izeczon dos Santos Leite. No wonder why he's called Kaka! And he started his football career at age 8 with a local football club. What amazing talent!


mumsgather said...

The demands of supervising a school-going child's academic and co-curricular (music education only in fact) progress is equally draining whatever age the 8 year old behaves. :) Sometimes you have to try really really hard not to cave in under those demands and go mad. lol.

Anna said...

Hi MG, thanks for dropping by. Yes, it's so hard and many times I cave in and turn into a grumpy, naggy, angry mother. After that I feel guilty. Hope things are getting better for you at your end, based on what you've shared in your blogs.