Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cooking Thursdays

For two consecutive Thursdays coincidentally, I've cooked something additional to the usual daily main meals.

I remember in my younger days, there was a man who sold 'chwee kueh' from a cart outside a grandaunt's house in Bandar Hilir, Melaka. Everytime we visited her and if the 'chwee kueh' seller was there, my mother would buy some for us to eat. I liked the taste of the steamed 'kueh' topped with 'chai po' (preserved vegetables) in a slightly sweet syrup if I remember correctly.

It so happened that some weeks back, I was again feasting my eyes on the lovely pictures posted by food bloggers on foodgawker, and came across one which featured 'chwee kueh'. This 'chwee kueh', however, is the savoury type with 'chai po', dried shrimps and salty seasoning, and not the sweet syrupy version I used to have back then. Unfortunately I didn't take note of the site and am not able to attribute it here.

Last Thursday, I had the chance and some extra time (plus I felt hungry and wanted to taste something different!) so I pulled out that recipe that I had copied, and made 'chwee kueh'. It turned out rather good and satisfied the pre-lunch hunger pangs.

Later, when my in-laws came for their weekly visit, we had them for tea. It went down pretty well with them as it was a good change from the usual cakes, cookies or nyonya kueh. My father-in-law finished most of it; hopefully because it was tasty!

Today, I printed out a recipe which a friend shared with me. It's for banana bread. I had some free time between making and serving dinner. And since I had enough bananas this week (compared to last week when I received the recipe), I decided to try out the recipe.

I have just removed the loaf from the oven and am letting it cool on the rack while we have dinner. I will try to post some pictures and share the recipes in the next post. I wonder if I'll be cooking something else new next Thursday....


seebee said...

Heh, i like that too, and my boys also. Everytime at Malacca sure makan. Can make some more and courier over???

Anna said...

Hi seebee, thanks for dropping by my blog. The cost to courier will be much higher than the cost to make the kueh! I'm sure you can find it up north or make it yourself. I will share the recipe soon.