Sunday, June 13, 2010

Then and now

The first week of the school holidays are over. And next week will just pass very quickly. Then it's back to school for C. Hopefully, the next half of her academic year will be better, in the sense that the teachers will move a little faster in their teaching pace. I felt that this first half has been rather slow moving. I don't blame the teachers entirely.

The kids in her class are a hyper bunch, with rather short attention span and easily distracted. The teachers this year don't seem to be able to keep them in good discipline and control as well as last year's teachers. Sometimes lessons can't be carried out smoothly or cannot be completed because of disruptions. There's always noise and petty disputes to settle.  This however does not mean the kids are unintelligent. They are simply mischievous but smart and fast learners. They know which teachers they can bully.

I think teachers these days have to be more skilful in handling children compared to long ago during my time. Those days, teachers only had to wield a feather duster, ruler or cane. Now if they did, parents would cry child abuse. Children during my time seemed to be more obedient and easily disciplined. Maybe that's because we were not exposed to as many things as children are nowadays.

There's so much external stimuli, influence, and information bombarding them these days from all the media and technology surrounding them. Those days, we only had the TV and radio for entertainment. No DVD, few cinemas, lesser advertisements, no Nintendos or Gameboys or computers.

TV was limited to only 2 or 3 channels compared to hundreds now. Cartoons were limited to only one hour a day; even if we wanted to watch more, there wasn't any to watch. Now, there are a number of channels dedicated to cartoons only and they broadcast 24 hours a day. And YouTube, where you can find just about anything and everything to watch and listen to!

And if you want to know something, all you do is Google. You don't need to own a big, thick dictionary or a collection of encyclopaedia.

How times have changed. It's no wonder children these days are different.

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