Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One week

It's exactly a week today that Caitlin has stayed home. Last Tuesday she had fever and by Thursday she recovered. However, her class was closed on Thursday as one classmate had H1N1 flu. Subsequently another two kids from a Year 3 class was confirmed with the H1N1 flu too on Monday. Since she has just recovered we decided to keep her home. She'll go back to school tomorrow. I'm hoping her immunity will hold up for the next 3 days before school is out for two weeks. Lessons have been minimal as class attendance has been rather poor due to some kids being sick and some being kept home by the parents to avoid unnecessary exposure to whatever germs, especially the H1N1 virus that could be lurking around in school.

She wants to go back to school. Said she's tired of staying at home. I kept her occupied with piano practice/homework, some math and Bahasa workbooks, but most of the time she read, watched tv, played and got on my nerves.

We hardly went out in the past one week. I'm getting cabin fever and sick and tired of childminding round the clock. Feels like I've been in 'prison' and dying of boredom. Hardly any contact with the outside world. Doesn't help with a perpetually aching shoulder which stemmed from overstretching the shoulder ligament reaching backwards in the car some months ago.

Last night, we hurried before closing time to this place that practises a combo of Chinese and Western healing methods. E has also been suffering from the same predicament -- overstretched ligament on the left shoulder. He'd been to that place several times already and found that it helped. Hopefully after a few more visits, our shoulders will feel better.

With Caitlin going back to school tomorrow, I hope to catch up with all the stuff that has been on the backburner the past week - a piece to write for my fortnightly contribution to a daily (still no idea what to write about and it's due latest on Sunday!), servicing the car, grocery shopping, planning for activities to keep C occupied for the next two weeks of school holiday, gardening....

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