Monday, June 7, 2010

Holiday programmes for children

The two-week school holiday has just started. It's time again to keep the kid occupied. However, in this household, the kid had been sick on and off the past two weeks and had stayed home a lot. This coming two weeks feels like an extension of the past two weeks.

I've been too tired of daily chores to plan ahead for anything. So there's no proper 'holiday programme' for C. I have not drawn up any homemade holiday programme or signed C up for any external ones.

Some parents sign their kids up for short courses orgniased by child enrichment establishments. These programmes can be quite helpful as they keep the kids occupied with something productive and educational and the parents don't have to worry about childcare when they have to work. These programmes are also rather costly. If the parents can afford it or have budgeted for it, then' it's no problem I guess. But parents should consider carefully when choosing and deciding which programmes to send their kids to. It's not only the cost but also the track record of the organisation, the needs of the child, the suitability of the programme for the child, and whether the programme is indeed really necessary or it could be replicated at lower cost and more personalised with individual attention at home by the parent. There are lots of useful online educational materials and and self-help child development books in the market which you can research, and use if you are hardworking enough.

These days, child enrichment and holiday programmes are in abundance so many parents will take the easier and more convenient way out by sending the kids to such programmes. As long as they can afford it and have the time to transport the kids, most prefer to leave the headache of planning and teaching their own children to outsiders (strangers, in fact).

What are the pros and cons to 'hands on' and 'hands off' parenting?

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