Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Daddy's Girl

It was Father's Day yesterday so I think this post is quite appropriate timing-wise. Caitlin is truly daddy's girl. She loves her daddy indeed. If Daddy is not home before her bedtime, she'll be pining for him, asking me when he'll be home. She'll also call him on his mobile phone to ask, using her sweetest and most 'manja' tone. She cannot go to sleep without a bedtime story from him. When Daddy arrives home, she'll run to him, or hide somewhere and jump out to give him a surprise.

A few days ago, she wanted a Kit Kat, so I got one for her and another extra. I told her I'd keep the extra one for myself. She suggested I share it with Daddy.

I asked her if she planned to get Daddy a Father's Day present. She said yes. I teased her saying that she didn't get me one for Mother's Day, only a card. She said, "At least I made you a card, you must be thankful for what you have!" Daddy's response was "That's my girl!"

Yesterday, Daddy missed what I said to him a few times. So she said Daddy is half deaf, and Daddy heard it (and simply smiled).  "He even has to turn up the volume in the car to 15! But I (she has possession of the remote control for the audio player in the car) turned it down to 14."

I said 14 is still loud (we usually tell her the maximum volume is 10). She replied, "Yes, but I just didn't want to hurt his feelings."

When the little girl is still little, she only has eyes for daddy. But in years to come, when the little girl becomes a teenager, will that still hold true? Only time will tell but I'm sure daddy will still be wrapped around her not-so-little finger  whether he admits it or not.
Happy Father's Day to all Daddies and Grandpas!

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