Saturday, May 1, 2010

Who cares if this makes sense or not

When people are in the company of others they perceive as non-threatening, they are bolder in speaking their mind. They are quicker in making conclusions, and giving their two cents' worth regardless of whether it is necessary or unnecessary. Sometimes what they say reflects back on themselves. They give others certain impressions of themselves, especially negative impressions.

Somehow, people tend to see more of the negatives and less of the positives of a person. I wonder why. Why do we not give others the benefit of the doubt? Why do we judge others too quickly?

It's best to keep our mouth shut sometimes. When it's not necessary to speak, isn't it best to just be quiet? It doesn't mean that if we're quiet, we're weak. There's no need to have a comment for everything, especially if it doesn't add any value, enrich the ambience, your relationships, or help others around us.

We just need to trust and respect others as how we expect others to do the same for us.

If we don't want others to put milk in our tea, then we musn't put sugar into their coffee, assuming they don't take sugar!

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